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Design Tools:

What is the most important part of a "Tool" ?

... the brain of the user !!!

This rudimental principle because of todays computer –bondage very often is forgotten.

The definition / optimisation of the drives–basic data based on processrequirements is a demanding engineering task , there are no easy models where you put in data at the top and get a final result at the bottom, in reality it is necessary to approach the optimal solution interactive and iterative, step by step.

The Softwaretools of Ingenieurbüro Langlotz GmbH therefore are designed and intented for professionals , experienced in this way of working and capable competent to judge the calculation –results.

For this reason there are only single user licences available, during the installation / validation they are "personalised".

In addition such tools must be "alive", they must permanently be further developed depending on technical requirements and demands of the users, often even a direct involvement in complicated designjobs may be necessary –this means, an ongoing dialog between users and software –developers is very helpfull and advisable.

The toolarea therefore is reserved for registered users only. For all tools Windows XP / Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 ( German or English language *), updated to the latest version ) is compulsary.

Interested ? Then please register and ask for the actual access-password for the toolarea.

*) Other languages on request